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Reflective days and mutual love

All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day and Thanksgiving all come in November. I like to refer to them as “reflective days” because we remember family and friends in profound ways. The past is mixed with the present, those with us and those gone before us, and our memories become sacred. We become more aware of the important people in our lives, those unique graces that God gives to each one of us. We are deeply grateful.

November is no different for Maryknollers. There is, though, one unique grace that all Maryknollers share – the grace of so many benefactors deeply committed to the same Gospel values and ideals. Together with these Members in Mission, Maryknollers have extended God’s love far beyond the limits of our nation’s borders. Missioners are well aware that their vocation is not something merely personal, but the combined expression of many hearts and hands.

Your letters come daily to Maryknoll, assuring us of prayers and support. In return, Maryknoll missioners remember you as their partners in mission in their prayers and Masses… God must smile with great satisfaction at the way we pray for one another…

May we never cease reminding each other of the many graces God brings into our lives.

Members In Mission column, Maryknoll, November 1987, p.63-64


photo by Mimi Forsyth

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