1860 -1910

1860 -1910
February 24, 1867
James Anthony Walsh, Co-Founder of Maryknoll, born in Cambridge, MA

October 27, 1882
Mary Josephine Rogers, Foundress of the Maryknoll Sisters, born in Roxbury, MA

May 20, 1892
Fr. Walsh ordained a priest in Boston, MA

October 1, 1906
The Catholic Foreign Mission Bureau formed in Boston

January 1, 1907
First issue of The Field Afar published

September 1, 1910
Eucharistic Congress, Montreal


June 29, 1911
Propaganda Fide approves the establishment of the Foreign Mission Seminary in the US

December 04, 1911
Society's first home, Hawthorne, NY

January 06, 1912
Secretaries arrive at Hawthorne, NY later to become Maryknoll Sisters

April 27, 1912
Foreign Mission Brothers of Saint Michael formed

September 15, 1912
Mary Josephine Rogers named Directress of the Secretaries

October 15, 1912
Secretaries move to St. Teresa's Lodge

September 08, 1913
Maryknoll's first preparatory college, The Venard, opens in Scranton, PA

November 10, 1914
First ordination of a Maryknoll student, Fr. Daniel McShane

September 13, 1917
Maryknoll Procure opened in San Francisco

September 3, 1917
Fr. James A. Walsh leaves to find a mission field in China

December 25, 1917
Field Found

July 18, 1918
First Teresians assigned to work at The Venard, Clarks Summit, PA

September 07, 1918
Society's First Departure

September 12, 1919
Fr. Thomas Frederick Price dies in Hong Kong


February 14, 1920
Congregation's Canonical Foundation Day

April 8, 1920
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Los Angeles, CA

June 29, 1920
Groundbreaking for new Seminary Building, Maryknoll, NY

September 10, 1921
First Maryknoll Brother departs for China

September 21, 1921
Congregation's first departure for China

November 3, 1921
First Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Kowloon, Hong Kong

November 21, 1922
Maryknoll Sisters enter South China

January 23, 1923
Fr. Patrick Byrne leaves Maryknoll for Pyongyang, Korea Mission

November 01, 1923
Mother Mary Joseph departs for China

Maryknoll participates in the Vatican Mission Exposition

January 31, 1924
First preparatory seminary for Chinese students opens in Yeungkong, Kongmoon, China

January 31, 1924
Maryknoll Sisters arrive at Pyongyang, Korea

October 1925
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Antung, Manchuria

November 21, 1925
Maryknoll Sisters open Bethany Convent at Maryknoll, NY

Maryknollers found Sisters of the Immaculate Heart

Maryknollers begin mission work in Manila, Philippines

January 27, 1927
Maryknoll Junior Seminary, Los Altos, CA, formally blessed

February 4, 1927
Society begins parish and mission work in Hawaii

May 22, 1927
Msgr. James E. Walsh consecrated Bishop at Sancian Island

September 04, 1927
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Honolulu, HI

June 29, 1929
Cornerstone laid at Sisters' Motherhouse, Maryknoll, NY


Maryknollers establish Sister Catechists of Our Lady in the Kaying Diocese of China

Maryknoll's First lay missioner

June 04, 1930
Maryknoll Sisters take over direction of a tuberculosis sanitarium, Monrovia, CA

Msgr. Bernard Meyer founds the Sisters of Charity of the Sacred Heart, Wuchow, China

March 2, 1932
Maryknoll Sisters move into their newly built Motherhouse, Maryknoll, NY

June 27, 1932
Msgr. John Morris, with help from Maryknoll Sisters, founds the Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Korea

October 4, 1932
Enclosure ceremony for the first cloistered branch of Maryknoll Sisters

June 29, 1933
Very Rev. James A. Walsh consecrated Bishop in Rome

July 30, 1933
First Society members assigned to Japan take part in Departure Ceremony

Maryknoll's First Long-Term lay missioner

September 21, 1935
Msgr. Francis X. Ford consecrated Bishop at Maryknoll, NY

April 14, 1936
Bishop James A. Walsh dies at Maryknoll

June 5, 1937
First Maryknoll Sisters enter Otsu, Japan, for mission work

September 29, 1938
Brothers of St. Michael Novitiate begins under the direction of Fr. Frederick Kiloran, MM

Maryknollers in Kweilin, China, found the Sister Catechists of the Blessed Virgin Mary


February 1, 1942
Maryknoll Sisters and Priests interned by Japanese in Los Banos prison, Philipppines

April 5, 1942
Special departure ceremony for first three Society members assigned to Bolivia

August 25, 1942
Ninety-seven Maryknollers repatriated aboard the SS Gripsholm

March 1943
Maryknoll Fathers begin mission work in Peru

April 1943
Maryknoll Fathers begin mission work in Chile

September 1943
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Bolivia

September 1943
Maryknoll Fathers begin mission work in Ecuador

November 1943
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Ancon, Panama, for mission work

July 25, 1944
Maryknoll Sisters open a school in Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA

August 16, 1944
Maryknoll Sisters staff St. Anthony School in Bronx, NY

December 24, 1944
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Siuna, Nicaragua to take up mission work

February 1945
Maryknoll Sisters and Priests interned in Los Banos prison, Philippines, rescued by US Army

August 6, 1945
Maryknoll Sisters staff Transfiguration Parish School in Chinatown, New York City

May 1, 1946
First Maryknoll Fathers depart for Musoma, Tanganyika

October 30, 1947
Maryknoll Sisters open their second Novitiate in Valley Park, MO

Bishop Alonso Escalante founds the Mexican Foreign Mission Society, better known as the Guadalupe Fathers

December 1, 1948
Bishop James E. Walsh, MM, appointed Executive Secretary of the Catholic Central Bureau of China in Shanghai

December 27, 1948
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Kowak, Tanzania, to begin mission work

August 17, 1949
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Kandy, Ceylon, to work in a government hospital

November 1, 1949
Maryknoll Sisters open a dispensary in Pusan, Korea


June 1950
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

September 1, 1950
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Likiep, Marshall Islands, for mission work

October 4, 1950
Sister Agneta Chang killed by Communists in Korea

November 1, 1950
All Maryknoll missions in China closed

November 25, 1950
Archbishop Patrick J. Byrne dies on Korea Death March

Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Galvarino, Chile

January 1, 1951
Bishop Francis X. Ford and Sr. Joan Marie Ryan taken prisoner in China

February 21, 1952
Bishop Francis X. Ford dies in a Canton prison after a year's incarceration

September 1952
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work among the Chinese in Chicago, IL

September 02, 1952
Sr. Joan Marie Ryan released from prison and arrives in Hong Kong

December 8, 1952
Bishop William Kupfer founds the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Taiwan

Msgr. Gerard Grondin and Sr. Mary Bowes found the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters of Africa in Musoma, Tanganyika

Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Guatemala

April 22, 1953
Maryknoll Seminary Chapel cornerstone laid

May 21, 1953
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work on Yap Island in the Caroline Islands

May 26, 1953
Maryknoll Sisters open their third Novitiate at Topsfield, MA

September 5, 1953
Maryknoll Sisters begin catechetical work in Houston, Texas, among the Mexican population

November 1953
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Taiwan

December 12, 1954
Maryknoll Sisters become a Pontifical Congregation

May 22, 1955
Maryknoll Sisters staff Queen of the World Hospital in Kansas City, MO

October 9, 1955
Mother Mary Joseph dies

November 9, 1955
Remains of Maryknoll Founders, Fr. T.F. Price and Bishop J.A. Walsh, transferred to their place of honor in the crypt of the new Maryknoll Chapel

January 1, 1957
"Maryknoll" becomes the title of the magazine on the occasion of the 50th anniversary issue

April 1958
Bishop Donaghy founds the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in Miaoli, Taiwan

February 10, 1959
Maryknoll Sisters arrive in Majuro Island, Marshall Islands to open a grade and high school for Marshallese children


November 1960
Maryknoll Society assigns its first members to Columbia

November 1, 1960
Bishop James E. Walsh sentenced to 20 years in prison in Shanghai, China

November 1, 1960
Maryknoll Sisters open their fourth novitiate in Quezon City, Philippines

May 2, 1962
New Maryknoll Junior Seminary in Chesterfield, MO, dedicated

May 28, 1963
Dedication of new chapel wing at Maryknoll College, Glen Ellyn, IL

June 1963
Maryknoll Sisters withdraw from the kitchens at Maryknoll, NY, after 51 years of dedicated service

June 1964
Maryknoll's Hingham, MA, Novitiate opened

September 3, 1964
Maryknoll Sisters begin using M.M. instead of O.P. after their names

March 1, 1965
Lima Methods Conference II begins

August 1965
Maryknoll Society begins mission in Venezuela

December 1, 1966
Commission on the Brothers holds its first meeting

September 4, 1967
Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno, US Navy Chaplain, killed in action in Vietnam

August 19, 1968
Rogers Building at the Maryknoll Sisters Center formally opened

Maryknoll Sisters begin missionary work in El Salvador

August 1, 1969
Bishop James Pardy resigns as Bishop of Cheong Ju, Korea in order to install a native Korean Bishop


Maryknoll Sisters vote for laity in mission

February 7, 1970
Jesuit Fathers award the Annual Xavier Mission Award to the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers

July 20, 1970
Bishop James E. Walsh released after 12 years in Chinese prison

September 1971
Maryknoll Cloistered Sisters open a Cloister in Gallup, New Mexico

Experimental Lay Missioner Program authorized

October 1972
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Bandung, Indonesia

Five lay missioners sent to mission

Maryknoll Brothers begin mission work in Western Samoa

Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Sudan

Maryknoll Society opens a new mission unit in Bangladesh

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Sudan

January 2, 1975
Lay missioner advisory board created

March 1975
Maryknoll Sisters enter Quito, Ecuador to establish mission work

June 1, 1975
Lay Mission Office begins to function independently

June 9, 1975
First orientation program for Maryknoll lay missioners held

February 1976
Lay Missioners assigned to Africa

May 22, 1976
First Lay Missioners sent with Society members at the annual Society Departure Ceremony

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Nepal

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Yemen

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Zambia

September 01, 1978
Lay missioners participate in Society Chapter and Congregation Assembly

November 17, 1978
Maryknoll Sisters receive Xavier Award from the Jesuit Fathers

October 1979
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Dakha, Bangladesh

December 01, 1979
Lay missioners become program coordinators


September 1, 1980
First issue of Revista Maryknoll published

December 2, 1980
Two Maryknoll Sisters are among the 4 Churchwomen murdered in El Salvador

Lay missioner assigned to Society's U.S. operations

Maryknoll Priest Fr. Frank Higdon helps found the Bolivian Association of the Faithful

Fr. Tom Garrity and Sr. Margaret Hennessey establish the Peruvian Lay Missionary Group

July 1982
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

August 1, 1982
Maryknoll Brothers open a new house in Bronx, NY

October 27, 1982
100th Anniversary of Mother Mary Joseph Rogers' birth

Fr. Jack Cuff is the first Maryknoll missioner to return to China since expulsion

Lay mission program becomes Associate Program of Fathers and Brothers

December 15, 1984
Largest lay missioner class sent

Maryknoll celebrates 75th Anniversary Year

August 21, 1986
Maryknoll Sisters open a cloister in El Quiche, Guatemala

March 10, 1987
Maryknoll Sisters open a Cloister in Juba, Sudan

April 1987
Maryknoll Sisters enter Somalia and begin work among refugees

June 19, 1987
First joint Mission Sending Ceremony

June 19, 1987
First Maryknoll Joint Mission Sending Ceremony

September 1989
Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Cambodia

October 17, 1989
Earthquake strikes Maryknoll residence in Los Altos, CA, causing major damage

Maryknoll opens Casa Maryknoll in San Jose, CA, a new education program for Hispanic college students


The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers 9th General Chapter approves a motion to establish the Maryknoll Affiliates program

Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in East Timor

June 1991
Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in American Samoa

Maryknoll Society and Congregation jointly celebrate 50 years of mission work in Bolivia

Sister Mary Annel, MM, founds the Maryknoll AIDS Task Force

June 1992
Research conducted to establish an independent lay association

July 31, 1992
Maryknoll Society celebrates 50 years in Diocese of Buffalo

September 1992
Maryknoll Sisters end their mission work in Boston's Chinatown after 46 years of service

Maryknoll opens mission in Argentina

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Vietnam

June 1993
Cardinal O'Connor of New York provides "Letter of Praise"

August 1994
Maryknoll Lay Missioners's leadership team is elected

August 15, 1994
Lay mission program officially founded as Maryknoll Mission Association of the Faithful

September 1994
Maryknoll Lay Missioners seeks canonical recognition

September 1994
Maryknoll Lay Missioners's membership soars

Maryknoll Sisters end their mission work in Papua New Guinea

Maryknoll Sisters begin mission work in Albania

Maryknoll Lay Missioners becomes independent NY organization

Maryknoll Cambodia's Seedling of Hope HIV/AIDS Program begins

Maryknoll Lay Missioners formally separates from Fathers and Brothers' Financial and Fundraising Operations

Maryknoll Society begins mission work in Russia

Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns founded as a collaborative project of the Society, Congregation and Association

Maryknoll Society opens a new mission in Mozambique

June 1997
During their 50th anniversary celebration in Hawaii, Catholic Charities honors the Maryknoll Sisters as pioneers of Catholic Social Services

Maryknoll Sisters Center for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation opens in Baguio City, Philippines


Maryknoll Hospital in Pusan, South Korea, celebrates its 50th anniversary.

50th anniversary of Maryknoll Sisters mission work in the Marshall Islands

Maryknoll Lay Missioner Fr. Charles Dittmeier helps set up the Deaf Development Program in Cambodia

September 11, 2001
Maryknoll Missioners respond to victims of the World Trade Center attack

Maryknoll Sisters celebrate 50 years in Guatemala

Bugando University College of Health and Sciences opens in Mwanza, Tanzania

Fr. Rick Bauer appointed director of Catholic AIDS Action in Namibia

Maryknoll Society provides aid to tsunami victims in Thailand

Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM) officially adopted as popular name

Maryknoll collaborative team begins work in Myanmar

October 2006
MKLM establishes Board of Directors

Maryknoll Society and the San Jose Diocese begin cooperative mission work in Jamaica

August 2010
MKLM celebrates 35th Anniversary!

September 2010
MKLM missioner Dr. Nagele commended by President Obama


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