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Maryknoll Mission Archives centralizes, collects, organizes, preserves, protects, and makes available for research the legacy of Maryknoll’s participation in the worldwide mission of the Church.

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Morning Light

Morning Light

This beautiful prayer, "Morning Light," really struck me when I saw it. It drew me in with the comfortingly familiar sights and sounds daybreak brings. It elicited joy in my heart with its offerings for how to live each day -- "to laugh, to love, to show compassion,...

Recovering From Disaster

Recovering From Disaster

When the harshness of Mother Nature comes knocking, people from all walks of life are affected. Natural disasters do not discriminate whom they affect, but those in well off communities have the ability to quickly recover. They can rebuild their homes, keep food on...

My Distant Cousin, Fr. Robert J. Cairns

My Distant Cousin, Fr. Robert J. Cairns

My name is Meagan Cairns, and I am the newest archivist at the Maryknoll Mission Archives. Before joining Maryknoll, I worked as a librarian and professional genealogist. Assisting researchers in recovering and discovering lost family history is still my favorite part...

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The Maryknoll Mission Archives is the official repository for all corporate records and manuscripts produced by the three expressions of Maryknoll: the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers, Maryknoll Sisters, and Maryknoll Lay Missioners.


Here you will find our catalog containing detailed descriptions (AKA finding aids) of our archives collections. These collections hold primary sources documenting the lives, mission work, culture, and history of the Maryknoll Fathers & Brothers, Maryknoll Sisters, and Maryknoll Lay Missioners.


We hope to make your experience as efficient and pleasant as possible. Please see our Researcher Information page for more information about how we can assist you with your research.

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