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Third Sunday of Advent

“There is a great deal of sentimentality…in all of us at this season. We…do all kinds of things…[that are] kind and less selfish… These new actions of ours should come from a motive that is deep in our heart of doing something pleasing to God, and it should be so deeply sunk in our hearts that it will be there after the Christmas season is past.” – Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, Advent, 1931

For many people singing is an action that begins deep within their heart.  Perhaps that is why music can create and evoke such an array of emotions.  What a beautiful way to celebrate this season by sharing the sound of one’s heart with others.

In this spirit, please enjoy a holiday favorite “Do You Hear What I Hear” from the album “Maryknoll Sings: Seasons of Grace” by The Maryknoll Choir.

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