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Fourth Sunday of Advent

“In a few days we shall celebrate one of the greatest feasts of the year.

It is well in these days, in anticipation of Christmas… [that] we should be ready to take what comes – that is the spirit of a true missioner, i.e. to take what you get, come good today, come bad today, come comfort, come discomfort, come pain, come health, come sickness. It is all the Will of God, and that union with the Holy Family during these days will strengthen our spirit and our will…

Another thing we should do during these days is to pray for the world. The world is in a very dangerous condition… So while we pray for ourselves, our Community, the Society, our missions, our missioners, our families and the Church, pray also for the world.

As we approach the Crib, let us not forget to pray for the world.”

– Fourth Sunday of Advent, 1931 – Fr. James A. Walsh, Co-Founder of the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America

Enjoy these images of cribs from all over the world!

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