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Creation: The Emerging Cosmos

The first stop on the Walking Meditation guide is the front lawn of the Sister’s Motherhouse looking west towards the Hudson River.

“Look out over the lawn, fields, forest, river and imagine that you are standing on the planet itself.  Feel its motion: let yourself go with it.  Feel the sun’s light and warmth: let it tell you about our connection to the planets and the stars.  Be aware that creation is still going on and that you are an agent of its unfolding.

You are looking into deepest space.  Cosmic night.  The universe.  Where all this has come from: 16 billion years ago, an explosion of energy that formed the elements of matter.  Expanding outwards at a tremendous rate.  Still expanding: coalescing, condensing, forming stars, forming galaxies, forming planets.  A miracle of delicacy, balance, and elegance.  A creation of unfathomable generosity.  A mystery of extravagance.”

Front Lawn             Motherhouse Driveway_West

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