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Water: The Origins of Life

Cloister_4Stop 2 on the Maryknoll Sister’s Walking Meditation Guide brings you to the highest point on the property – the Cloister.

“Look towards the river, pulsating, teaming with life.  Hear the water.  Let the sound envelop you.  Be aware that your body is composed mostly of water: feel the continuity with the water surrounding you; remember that the first forms of life were created in the earth’s waters; sense also that water has found expression IN YOU.  The water we treasure here and now is the same water the Earth has always had.

Earth. The blue, green planet.  The water planet actually.  For it is water that makes us what we are.  It is where all life begins.  We originated in the sea, and we carry the sea within us.  Our oldest memory.  We are formed in the waters of the womb.  We carry it in our dreams.”


Cloister_3  Cloister_1

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