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Stop 6 on the Walking Meditations tour is meant to bring you to the Boiler Room of the 1956 Wing of the Motherhouse.  Though you may not be able to access the actual space, still take a moment and reflect on the following:

“As you walk to the next station, reflect on the fact that all our learning is a sharing in Earth’s wisdom.  Western science and technology, however, have increased our ability to impact the earth, and made it possible for us to degrade, if not completely destroy its major life systems.  Feel the share we have in this destruction through our ignorance and arrogance about our place in the Earth community, and through our consumer-oriented lifestyle.  Reflect on our co-creative mandate: human beings, with their science and technology, are meant to be partners with the Earth, in its process of unfolding.

First the heavens yielded to our probing.  Then the Earth.  God became a master artisan whose ideas were mathematical laws that we could learn to manipulate for our own use.  Thus, we have cured diseases, extended life, and made it more pleasant.  But will we also find the balance, the unity that holds it all together.  Earth waits.  And God?  God waits too.”

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