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Cemetary_2 The seventh stop on the Walking Meditations tour in the Maryknoll Sisters’ Cemetery.

“Death-Life, Winter-Spring.  Look at the signs of new life in among the leaves of last winter.  Remember the miracle of life accomplished by the ‘explosion’ of the flowers, the seeds dying, to bring forth new life in our Earth story.  Let the sense of hope implied here be yours.  Reflect on the Passion of the Earth: the loss of flowers, and forests, the extinction of species, the disintegration and destruction of so many life forms.  Feel the insensitivity of the dominant culture/species toward the integrity of creation; and my share in that insensitivity.  See the examples of partnership in this place of rebirth, regeneration.  Feel how it could be.

Flowers delicately formed.  If it were not for flowers, we would not exist, for they form the seeds, the fruits, the vegetables of Earth that nourish us.  Moreover, through the flowers, we experience the mystery that is the source of all life.  We can sense its beauty, its tenderness.  We can also learn how we                                                                              must be; how we must participate in creation; in dying, we become open to life and can respond to its call.”




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