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Mother’s Day

Mom. आमा. Mother. Mamá. 母親. Mommy. Mamãe. 母. Grandma. Nonna. 祖母. Nana. Abuela. Bibi. हजुरआमा. Nini.

There are many ways to say and experience the word mother. Everyone has their own rendition or even several. This year on Sunday, May 14th, we celebrate all of these women and how much they mean to us. We celebrate with them near and far. We celebrate them past and present.

Below we have a few images of letters/emails from Maryknollers to their mothers, as they celebrated them from afar while in mission:


This letter was written by Fr. Thomas C. Higgins to his mother, during a stop in Chile while missioned in Bolivia, 5/2/1962.


This email was written by a Maryknoll Lay Missioner in Bolivia, 5/20/1997.

Cain_SrPatricia_MothersDayLtr_Front_blog Cain_SrPatricia_MothersDayLtr_blog

This letter was written by Sr. Patricia Cain to her mother while in mission in Kenya, 5/1977.

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