Brother Thomas McCann

mccann_brthomasThomas McCann was a native of Brooklyn, New York, and was born on September 1, 1891. One of the pioneers at Hawthorne and later at Maryknoll, Brother Thomas was the first Auxiliary of St. Michael to be received into final membership. Though delicate in health, he was from the beginning one of Maryknoll’s most valuable men.

McCann_VenardCollege_1918In his youth, he worked for the New York Tribune and later for Monsignor Freri, National Director of the Propagation of the Faith Society. Thomas felt drawn to serve the foreign missions and, while engaged in work at the Propagation of Faith Society, he decided to give his life to its advancement. The founding of Maryknoll offered him the opportunity of fulfilling that ideal.

Central to his mission vocation was prayer and absolute trust in God that this new mission they were beginning was God’s work and they were to be instruments of God’s plan for Maryknoll. Thomas had faith, confidence, and a deep love of God to follow his missionary call. He was associated with Father Price in the work of making the infant Society known in the Eastern states, especially in the Scranton area, for several years.

When the young Society opened a house in San Francisco the experienced and dependable Brother Thomas was assigned there. He made an important contribution to the Society by his friendliness and hard work in the promotional field. He regretted that his frail health prevented him from going into the missions but it did not dampen his enthusiasm for the Society, nor did it make him conserve his energy in raising funds to support the seminarians who were increasing in numbers.

He continued his post until illness made it necessary to transfer him to Monrovia, California, where he died March 7, 1922. Funeral and burial took place in Los Angeles.