Brother Albert Staubli, MM

Born: June 18, 1895
Oath: September 15, 1930
Died: October 23, 1967

Albert Staubli was born on June 18, 1895 in Niederhelfens, Switzerland. He retained his Swiss citizenship, entering Maryknoll in 1917. From an assignment at the Venard brother was assigned to China in 1921 and took up his long and faithful mission career in Kongmoon. He later worked in the St. Louis School in Hong Kong, returning to Kongmoon in 1947.

In 1950 he was arrested by the Communist Chinese, put on public trial and released three months later at Pakkai. In May of 1951 he suffered another public trial and when the Pakkai compound was confiscated in July of that year he was sent to Kongmoon City where he lived in a church under constant guard. Upon being expelled he arrived in Hong Kong in August, 1951, where he continued to work in a school building project. Many of the buildings he erected throughout the China missions are beautiful monuments of brothers’ talent and skill. In 1954 Brother Albert left for his assignment to Formosa.

After his furlough in Switzerland in 1963 he returned to Hong Kong. In recent years, despite health concerns, he continued to labor courageously as much as he could as a true missioner. One of the last reports received at the Center from his superior read: “For one who has been so active over the years, Brother has reacted admirably to his present immobilization. He has been and still is a model Brother.”

Brother Albert died peacefully in Taiwan on October 23, 1967. Burial was in Taiwan.