Sister Jane Frances Victory, MM

Born: March 10, 1903
Entered: October 15, 1929
Died: September 20, 1988

We gather this morning to celebrate in faith, the new life of Sister Jane Frances Victory who died in our Nursing Home on Tuesday, September 20th.

Born Margaret Mary Victory on March 10, 1903 in Hollis, Long Island, New York, Sister was one of five children of James and Jane Victory. Sister’s three sisters, and one brother have all predeceased her.

Sister Jane Frances was educated in the Bronx at St. Angela Merici Grammar School. After some high school and commercial school education, she worked for eleven years as a banking-security sales clerk with The City Bank Farmers Trust Company in New York City. This experience was richly integrated into her ministry throughout the rest of her life.

From the age of seventeen, Sister was interested in Maryknoll, having become acquainted with it through the Maryknoll Magazine. It was on October 15, 1929 that she did enter, making her First Vows on January 6, 1932 and her Final Vows that same day, three years later. Her mission from the very beginning was in direct service to Maryknoll in clerical and administrative work. Sister’s fine business sense and her grasp of finances were put to good use.

After Profession, Sister Jane Frances worked in the Maryknoll Fathers Society Treasury with Father Drought on Investments and Securities. Later she was to return to the Motherhouse offices to become Procurator in the days of the famous shipping room.” As those of us who at some time worked in the shipping room know, one could only marvel at the variety of things sent out to the mission houses. Sister not only sent “things” however, she sent care and concern for those who would receive and use them.

Sister’s next project was one of significant and enduring importance for all of us. Thanks to her, we have our Sponsor Program today as she was the “thinking power” behind this aspect of our Development Program. She nurtured this concept and once it was in place, continued to work in the Sponsor Department until 1947.

In 1947, Sister went to Hawaii where she worked as the school clerk and procurator at St. Anthony’s at Kalihi. In 1950, she returned to the Center but like St. Paul, she may have been knocked down but never defeated as she continued using her talents where needed.

At the age of 68, Sister moved to New York City to take care of her own sister. She cared for her until her death in 1981. As she was the only one remaining of her immediate family, Sister stayed to attend to her sisters affairs with her characteristic competence and attention to detail.

She was an incessant reader. She had a keen interest in Maryknoll and the world at large and there was always much to discuss. She loved visitors and those who did stop by knew well to leave enough time as the visits were never short.

We come today, to remember this woman who despite many difficulties, used her talents to serve God and her Community, and we pray in gratitude for the gift of her life.

We welcome also Father Vincent T. Mallon, N.M., who will celebrate this Mass of the Resurrection with us.