Sister Marie Therese Kehoe, MM

Born: October 15, 1896
Entered: March 25, 1920
Died: May 4, 1950

In lieu of a letter to the Community at the death of Sr. Marie Therese, the following was prepared:

Theresa Gerard Genevieve Kehoe was born in New York City October 15, 1896.

Entered Maryknoll: March 25, 1920; Professed: August 4, 1922; Died: May 4, 1950 at the Motherhouse


  • Graduate of Catholic Elementary and High, with 2 years at St. Mary’s Academy, Rosemont, Staten Island, NY
  • Teaching Methods: School of Scientific Study, New York City, 1916—1917
  • Educational Psychology: City College, New York City, 1918—19
  • Pius X: One summer
  • Summer School: Los Angeles, 1923 & San Francisco, 1924
  • Courses in Church History and Christian Doctrine
  • Received B.A. degree from Catholic University, Washington, D.C., 1928

Before entering Maryknoll Theresa worked as clerk for a N.Y. Steamship Company for a few months only, then as teacher for one year in All Saints School, New York City and for eight years as a public school teacher in Manhattan.

Sister Marie Therese taught the following subjects for ten years:
Physics, English, French, History, Religion

For three years she was Instructor in Education in Maryknoll Teachers College.


  • 8/13/22 – To Los Angeles to teach
  • 1925 – To Maryknoll as Chapter delegate, then to New York City to study
  • 1926 – To Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
  • 8/13/28 – To Clark’s Summit (The Venard) where she taught Sisters finishing High School for ten years
  • July, 1937 – Elected 3d Councilor at General Chapter
  • 1943 – Venard Superior pro tem
  • 1944 – To Motherhouse, Vocation work
  • 1945 – To San Juan Capistrano as superior
  • 1946 – Attended General Chapter
  • 1947 – Attended Elective Chapter; Reappointed superior of San Joan Capistrano
  • 1/18/50 – Returned to the Motherhouse, ill
  • 5/4/50 – Died at the Motherhouse