Sister Mary Cletus Riester, MM

Born: October 28, 1890
Entered: April 27, 1930
Died: March 17, 1942

Elizabeth Riester was born on October 28, 1890, in New York City. Sister Entered Maryknoll on April 27, 1930, and was received January 6, 1931 with the religious name of Sister Mary Cletus. She was professed on January 6, 1933.

While preparing a tray for one of our Sister patients, Sister Cletus, still a novice, was badly injured by the explosion of a nearby gas range. The oven door of the range was torn off and struck Sister, seriously gashing one of her legs. Dr. Sweet was called. He sewed up the gash and cared for her cuts and brusies. With the good care of our Infirmary nurses Sister gradually improved and completely recovered.

Sister’s record shows that she studied Law and Chemistry. She specialized in languages before she entered Maryknoll and worked as a bookeeper and stenographer for 11 years.

Sister Mary Cletus died on March 17, 1942.