Sister Mary Leo Modic, MM

Born: August 15, 1889
Entered: November 10, 1925
Died: January 21, 1956

The following information is in lieu of a letter written to our Sisters on the death of Sister Mary Leo (Marie) Modic, or of an “eulogy”:

Sister Mary Leo Modic died at Maryknoll’s Convent in Lakewood, New Jersey, on January 21, 1956. She was born in Austria in 1889. Those who knew her well say that she was a seamstress for a theatrical troupe and traveled far and wide over Europe, Asia, and finally, the U.S. She entered Maryknoll November 10, 1925; was received as Sister Mary Leo, August 15, 1926; and professed April 30, 1928. Her talents served the Fathers in good stead for many years during which she kept them “well dressed” in cassocks she made and repaired for them.