Sister Mary Luke Logue, MM

Born: November 29, 1892
Entered: March 30, 1924
Died: February 8, 1964

Early this morning, as we began our meditation, a telephone call from Bethany gave the startling news that our dear Sister Mary Luke had passed quietly to her Eternal Reward during the night.

Julia Elizabeth Logue — in religion Sister Mary Luke — inspired by a missioner’s talk, entered Maryknoll on March 30, 1924 with her own sister, now Sister M. Trinita. Born November 29, 1892 in New York City, Sister received all of her education there. Ten years of experience in the business world prepared her well for the tasks that would be hers at Maryknoll. Professed on December 8, 1926, her first mission assignment as superior of the Maui Children’s Home came in August 1928, after preparatory courses at Sisters’ College, Washington, D.C. Missioned to Korea in 1931, Sister served in YengYou and Gishu, and later in Dairen, Manchuria until the outbreak of the War in December 1941, when the Sisters were interned for two years. Repatriated via the Gripsholm in late ‘43, Sister soon made herself useful as Local and then as General Procurator. Following an illness and a year of enforced rest, Sister went to Ladycrest in April 1955 and that fall was appointed Superior there. A year later, ill health again forced her to submit to medical treatment. Many months at Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., seemed to restore her health considerably and she joyfully returned to a more normal routine. Moved to Bethany in October 1957, Sister continued her cheerful, generous service, obedient to the program of rest required of her, but completely unmindful of her precarious health in the discharge of her duties as sacristan and the many other jobs that fell to her hand.

After two years at Bethany, Sister Mary Luke wrote me a note full of gratitude for the years there and telling how much stronger she felt, assuring me that she would be available “for work anywhere.” But there were slight warnings after that, reminding her and us that she was not completely well. Last evening at recreation, Sister happily contributed to the conversation with her ever-ready cheerful humor and kindly wit, giving no sign that she felt different than usual. When Sister did not appear for Lauds this morning, Sister Maria Luz went to her room to see if all was well and found that death had already come.

Our loving sympathy goes out to Sister Mary Trinita, the only living member of her immediate family, and to her nephew, Father James Logue, M.M., of Riberalta, Bolivia.

Sister’s body will be laid to rest in our cemetery on Tuesday, following the Requiem Mass in Bethany chapel.