Sister Mary Veronica Hartman, MM

Born: December 18, 1889
Entered: December 7, 1919
Died: February 19, 1979

“This is what I shall tell my heart, and so recover hope: The favors of Yahweh are not all past, his kindnesses are not exhausted; every morning they are renewed; great is his faithfulness. ‘My portion is Yahweh’ says my soul ‘and so I will hope in him.'” (Lam. of Jeremiah 3: 21 – 24)

In December of this year, Sister Veronica Hartman would have celebrated 60 years in Maryknoll – 60 years of service, suffering and profound hope in God’s loving kindness and mercy. Sister died February 19 in our Nursing Home.

Rose Hartman was born on December 18, 1889 and was the first young woman to enter Maryknoll from the Pittsburgh Diocese. In 1921, she was assigned to Los Angeles where she worked with Japanese children and was local superior of the house. In 1927, Sister Veronica was Regional Superior of the first group of Maryknoll Sisters to work in Hawaii. Following this – in 1931 – she was elected to the General Council at Maryknoll, New York, a position she held for six years. During this same period, she was local superior at Bethany and on January 6, 1940, she entered our Cloister, where she remained for five years.

Since that time, Sister has been working at the Motherhouse, except for a year among the Chinese in New York City and a few years spent at Crichton House. Sister built up Bethany as a guest house for women. Her kindness to these women continued long after Bethany was closed as a guest house. She visited many of them when they had become housebound and up until a few weeks ago, she phoned a friend every evening to let her know that she was interested and concerned about her welfare.

Sister Veronica was a very prayerful person and had special devotion to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. In faith and hope, she knew that “the favors of Yahweh are not all past, his kindnesses are not exhausted.”

As we celebrate the Mass of the Resurrection for Sister Veronica, we look forward in hope to the fullness of life and joy promised us in Jesus Christ.