Sister Ruth Mary Mullen, MM

Born: May 10, 1900
Entered: December 8, 1936
Died: January 31, 1973

Sister Ruth Mary fell ill on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 1972 and remained unwell until her death on January 31, 1973. Her sister Eileen, was here for a month at Christmas and their reunion awakened in Sister a strong desire to visit with her family in Canada. During the last week of her illness she seemed to come to an understanding that God would soon take her to Himself.

Sister’s wake and funeral Mass was held at the Convent and Church of St. John Parish in Kalihi on February 4th. Burial services were held the following day.

Sister Ruth Mary (Mary Ruth Mullen) was born in Boston, Massachusetts on May 10, 1900. She was educated in Montreal and worked there as a clerk in a Manufacturing office before entering Maryknoll in 1936. Sister worked in the Field Afar Office after her Profession in 1939 and was assigned to Hawaii in 1943. She served on Maui and Oahu in Parish Catechetics programs and in elementary education. Perhaps she will be best remembered for the work of visiting every home, especially in the plantation communities of Kahuku, Wahiawa and Waialua. Many of these “little people” had not forgotten her loving service of twenty-nine years in the Islands, as was evidenced by their concern for her during her illness and their remembrance of her in death. The men from these plantation areas served as pall bearers and her funeral expenses were paid by their “dollar or two” contributions – a custom of the peoples of Hawaii.

We know that you, too, will thank God for the gift of this life to our Maryknoll family and ask that He give her everlasting peace and joy. We invite all to unite in this intercessory act particularly through our Eucharistic celebrations as well as through our local community prayers.