The Maryknoll Mission Archives maintains a substantial collection of primary and secondary published resources. The books and periodicals in the collection are authored by Maryknollers, historians, and subject-specialists. These publications primarily document Maryknoll’s founders, missioners, and mission work throughout the world.


This section includes publications either written or founded by Maryknollers, or related to mission.

Titles include: World Mission, China Missionary Bulletin, Japan Missionary Bulletin, Fides Service / International Fides Service (founded by Fr. John Considine, MM), To-sei News (Fr. William Kaschmitter), The Field Afar (created by Bp. James A. Walsh), Maryknoll, Revista Maryknoll, and Misioneros Maryknoll.


The book collection is divided into subjects:

Maryknoll’s Mission Areas

Subdivided by geographic area (Africa, Asia, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Latin America and United States), this subject area contains books primarily focusing on Maryknoll’s missioners and mission work in these parts of the world.


This section includes biographies and autobiographies written by both Maryknollers and external authors.

Sample titles include: Ambassador in Chains by Bp. Raymond Lane, MM about Bp. Patrick Byrne, MM; Pagoda and the Cross by Fr. John Donovan, MM about Bp. Francis Ford, MM; Her Name is Mercy by Sr. Maria del Rey Danforth, MM about Sr. Mercy Hirschboeck, MM; and Bernie Becomes a Nun by Sr. Maria del Rey Danforth, MM about Sr. Bernadette Lynch, MM.

Society Founders

This section includes both biographical works about and titles authored by the Founders of the Maryknoll Society, Fr. Thomas Price, MM and Bp. James A. Walsh, MM.

Sisters Foundress

This section includes biographical works about and titles authored by the Maryknoll Sisters’ Foundress, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, MM.


This section contains books published by The Christophers, a religious organization founded by Maryknoller Fr. James Keller, MM.


Books in this section cover the history of the Maryknoll Society, Congregation and Lay Missioners.

Titles include No Two Alike: Those Maryknoll Sisters by Sr. Maria Del Rey Danforth, MM; Hearts on Fire: The Story of the Maryknoll Sisters by Penny Lernoux; The Meaning of Maryknoll by Fr. Albert J. Nevins, MM; and The Early Days of Maryknoll by Bp. Raymond Lane, MM.


This section includes books written by and about Maryknollers focused on specific aspects of their mission work.


Maryknollers and external authors address a variety of topics including mission, liberation theology, Catholic theology, Catholic spirituality, prayer and meditation and biographies of prominent religious figures. This section also includes some Christian fiction.


Books aimed at a juvenile audience can be found in this section.

Works include the Catholic Children’s Treasure Box by Srs. M. Juliana Bedier, MM and Mary Chaminade Dreisoerner, MM; Crusade by Srs. M. Juliana Bedier, MM and Mary Chaminade Dreisoerner, MM; the Adventure and Away series by Fr. Albert Nevins, MM.

Language Learning Texts

The Archives has many language learning texts from all over the world that were used by Maryknoll Missioners throughout the years. Languages include Cantonese, Cebuano, Hakka, Marshallese, Swahili, Kiswahili, Zanaki, Aymara, Mam, and Quechua.