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Merry Christmas!

As the world celebrates Christmas, here are some thoughts from Mother Mary Joseph Rogers and Bishop James E. Walsh. Their messages of hope for the world, though first expressed some seven decades ago, still resonate in our hearts today.

“[T]he Christmas host seems to bless us in a particular way, expanding our hearts and kindling them with the fire of love and enriching them to overflowing with tenderness towards all.”

Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, Christmas Tridium Conference No. 3, 12/24/49

“A better world to live in is the Christmas wish of Maryknoll for all mankind, and an active share in promoting this objective is the prayer of Maryknoll for itself.

We confess we do not think that any world can be fit to live in unless it is attuned to the other world revealed to us in the mystery of Christmas, and therefore we offer our own lives and labors for the program of world betterment that we believe divine.”

Bishop James E. Walsh, Christmas, 1942

Merry Christmas from the Maryknoll Mission Archives!

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