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Thank You, Generous Americans

With profound gratitude Maryknoll looks to housewives, clerks, pastors, curates, Sisters, doctors, lawyers, secretaries, collegians, and servicemen. Our strength is their generosity. Maryknoll really belongs to them.

generosity“We salute with prayerful gratitude the American people – families and individuals of all social levels – who continue to make our work possible. It has been the nickles, dimes and dollars of our wonderful American laity that have built Maryknoll, supported its missioners and seminarians. For many who have helped down through the years it has meant sacrifice… Men, women and children from all walks of life are participating in sacrifices that make Maryknoll an integral part of American life…

Every missioner embraces his people willingly, happily and eagerly. But he can remain with them only as long as the mainstream of support keeps flowing from ‘the folks back home.’ Every morsel of food, every article of clothing, every dose of medicine that is distributed by a missioner – in a word, every phase of mission work – is the result of someone’s sacrifices…

The world needs more missioners; missioners need more friends. With God’s help, both needs will be filled…

The birth of our Society issued a challenge, and the response of Americans to this challenge was, and continues to be, remarkable. Bishops and priests, Brothers and Sisters, men and women of the laity – all have surrounded Maryknoll with a warmth that is genuine, a friendship that is sincere. We thank you!”

[excerpted from “Thank You, Generous Americans,” Maryknoll, vol. LV, No. 7, July 1961]



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