Red Autumn Leaf
Now that we are almost a month into the season of fall, we thought it would be the perfect time to share a moment of reverie captured by Sr. Joan Metzner during this time of year. Here we find her on a walk, asking us to join. Enjoy this moment that Sr. Joan paints for us and, as the weather begins to cool, take a step outside, breath in the cool crisp autumn air, and create a fall moment that’s all your own!


Come, walk the wooded way with me;
There’s Autumn in the air.
Yellow, burgundy, orange, green,
Mingling everywhere.

The path is covered with dying leaves,
Crackling as I stroll.
While others come dancing down on my head
With a little rock and a roll.

Clouds in the sky float comfortably by
As shadow and light are playing.
Little birds flit about; they can’t help but
sing out.
– I just wonder what they are saying!

It’s a joy to journey in the woods alone,
to mimic the deer as I wend.
But it’s even a greater joy to me
To journey with you, my friend.

~ By Sr. Joan Metzner, Seasons of Life

Photo Credits: Stephanie Conning, Archivist

Autumn Leaves