Most recently, my journey through the Maryknoll Sisters’ records have taken me to Japan. The Sisters have been in mission in Japan since 1946, so this collection is full of information about the Sisters’ ministries. The Sisters were missioned all over the country, but one particular house seemed especially busy to me.

The Kichijoji House in Tokyo was opened in 1967, and over the years, the Sisters living there would work in more than ten different ministries. Below are a few examples of the many jobs held and hats worn by the Kichijoji Sisters.

Sr. Maria Hostia Bruns and Sr. Maria Theresa Yamagishi began a social service center for underprivileged and orphaned youth.

Sr. Suzanne Spychala taught English at the local parish to women in the community.

Sr. Teruko Ito and Sr. Rita Burdzy worked at the Maryknoll Alcoholic Center, a center for those in the process of recovery from alcoholism.

Sr. Maria Albrecht worked at the Tokyo Youth Welfare Center for nine years, teaching English and Bible classes.

Sisters Rose Marie Cecchini, Jean MichalecRosemary Bass, Loretta Frank, Mary Nagashima, and Louise Notaro all taught at Sophia University in Tokyo.