For this month’s blog post I decided to highlight another of the Archives’ exhibits that we had installed outside our offices at Maryknoll’s Society Building in New York.  This exhibit, Serving the Mission: Maryknoll Brothers at Work, was originally displayed in 2018.

“At the home Knoll they work as mechanics, electricians, carpenters, painters, masons, gardeners, dairymen, [and] drivers… Brothers understand well that they truly serve the mission cause wherever they may be when they give their best efforts to their appointed tasks. […] Maryknoll has a place for men of strong character and generous hearts…allow[ing] them, like St. Joseph, to serve…”
~ Bishop James A. Walsh

Bro. George Carlonas

Bro. George Carlonas was an excellent mechanic and all-around maintenance worker

Brother Patrick Walsh

“I became a brother in order that I might have the opportunity of doing good, to do something for God, souls, and myself.”        ~Bro. Patrick Walsh

Bro. Kevin Grimley

Bro. John Grimley served on the farm and general maintenance for almost 19 years

Bro. Felix Fournier


“Yesterday I pitched hay and today I trimmed the driveway.  Tomorrow can bring anything, from the kitchen to the stable, or I may have to drive one of the trucks, or the ‘bishop’s car.’  Sleep always follows like a comfortable wine, a robust meal.” ~Bro. Felix Fournier

Bro. Carleton Bourgoin


“Bro. Columba Bourgoin is a jack of all trades and
master of many, a pianist, artist, and all-around handyman
full of ideas.”


Crucifix - Winter
Crucifix - Spring
Bro. Rene Dawson

Bro. Rene Dawson was responsible for erecting the original crucifix in the Maryknoll Center Cemetery and again in erecting its replacement in 1975

Crucifix - Summer
Crucifix - Fall

Bro. Andrew Seidlinger

Bro. Andrew Seidlinger was a painter, expert automobile mechanic, chauffeur, butcher, carpenter, and farm worker

Bro. Matthew Kirwan was head of Physical Plant for 20 years

Bro. Matthew Kirwan was head of Physical Plant for 20 years

Bro. Paul Chamberlain


“The feast of St. Joseph followed on Saturday and we all had a free afternoon. Well I thought I would do something worth the while for the welfare of the Seminary. So that afternoon I went down into the carpenter shop hunted up some tough straight grained wood to make up a goodly number of round [balusters] for the dish racks…I offered this up to Saint Joseph though I didn’t accomplish much, I felt a true happiness cover over me…”

           ~Bro. Paul Chamberlain