As it gets chillier and chillier here in New York, it makes me hope for snow. I’ve always thought of a gentle snow as winter’s reward, because if it’s going to be 20 degrees, we ought to be rewarded for suffering the cold with something beautiful outside. The Maryknoll Sisters also enjoyed a good snow day. Below are a few pictures of the Sisters reveling in a some winter wonderlands! Click on the photos for more information.

Maryknoll Sisters at their house in Fushun, China, 1932
Maryknoll Novices in Topsfield, MA build a snowman, 1962
Several Sisters help Sr. Gemma Shea up from a tumble on the ice rink at The Venard, Clark's Summit, PA, 1925
Sisters brave the snow in Shingishu, Korea, 1938