We are approaching the end of the first month of the New Year. Welcome to 2019 everyone! I hope that it has welcomed you with open arms. However, as we all know from year to year this may not be the case. Life happens and some days may just be hard to navigate. Whether it be something from the past, something from the present ruminating on repeat in your mind, or an obstacle you cannot seem to overcome, we get bogged down, we stumble, and we can feel defeated. It is often in that moment that we will suddenly see a little bit of light and it can come from the strangest, simplest, most familiar or obvious places. We must always remember to keep our eyes open and look, for this light is warming to the soul. As I was stumbling around looking for something to write about while in this funk of my own, I found light in a poem written by Sr. Janice McLaughlin, MM. May it bring light to you or brighten the light you already have, while reminding you how beautifully you can soar.




Flapping, flapping, flapping
Not yet ready to fly.

Anchored by too much –
Doubts, fears, expectations.

The past is a chain
Holding me down.

The future is a vision
Not yet clear.

There is only today.
Today I will soar.

~ Sr. Janice McLaughlin, MM