In the spirit of this Lenten season, we went into our collections to find a few reflections on Lent. This search took us into the Maryknoll Sisters Legacy and Culture collectionMaryknoll Fathers & Brothers Creative Works, and the Maryknoll Sisters Creative Works.

The Legacy and Culture collection contained index cards that had been pinned on the Bulletin Boards of the Sisters Center. Each index card provides a Lenten practice for each day of Lent. Since today is the 22nd day of Lent, let us share with you today’s particular practice. Just click on the index card to view the full size image!

As the 4th Sunday of Lent approaches, here is a reflection that Fr. Gerard L. Beausoleil shared at a retreat given on the 4th Sunday of Lent in 1999:

“My dear friends, the gospel of today’s mass teaches us that faith is not a matter of seeing with the eyes of the body. But it is a matter of believing in the heart.”

Lastly, let us share with you the words of Sr. Ann Hayden from her Lenten Reflection in 2005:

“This lent as we reflect on the gospels, and Jesus’ journey, let us remember that we are all on a journey together through the wilderness. If we reach out beyond ourselves in acts of kindness, compassion, inclusion and acceptance of others we, like manna in the desert, bring hope and life to our journey, and to all those who share it with us. Together we are transformed, and bloom with new life.