Stop 4 on the Maryknoll Sisters’ Meditation Guide brings you to the statue of Kateri Tekawitha.

“Look around at this meditation garden.  Kateri Tekawitha, the Lily of the Mohawks, was a young woman who integrated her Native American culture and heritage with her Christian faith.  She was born at Auriesville, NY in 1656, Baptized in 1676 and died in Canada in 1680.  Stand with her, and feel a sense of completeness as you breathe deeply.  Look at the trees, become aware of their height, gracefulness.  Sense their strength.  Trees have religious significance for the Native Americans.  The Pine Tree (on the path towards the Chalet) is the Tree of Peace.  More than 2,000 years ago, the many different tribes came together, and made a Peace Treaty.  They dug a deep hole, and buried their weapons, then planted a Pine Tree on the site as a reminder of their promise.  Let these symbols speak to you of your contentedness to those around you, to the air, to the sun, to the seasons.

Look for the sacredness in all creatures.  Remember the suffering our cultures and religions have caused others and the Earth.  We have contaminated the very things that symbolize the sacred for us.  We need to move out of ourselves, out of the prisons we have made of our cultures and religions.  Rediscover the sacred places in nature, reflections of our own sacredness.”

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