From all of us at the Maryknoll Mission Archives we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Below please enjoy Bishop James E. Walsh‘s Christmas greeting from 1942:

     A better world to live in is the Christmas wish of
Maryknoll for all mankind, and an active share in
promoting this objective is the prayer of Maryknoll for itself.

     We confess we do not think that any world can be fit
to live in unless it is attuned to the other world revealed
to us in the mystery of Christmas, and therefore we
offer our own lives and labors for the program of world
betterment that we believe divine.

     But we bespeak blessings for all men of good will
everywhere, for all in and out of our own family circle,
for all in our own country and those outside it, for
those of our own Faith and those who deny it, for men
of every tinge and shade of belief and affiliation, for
our friends and for our enemies—all of whom we
count as our brothers.

     And to every man among them who prays and labors
in his own way and according to his own lights for
the true welfare of humanity, we utter a Christmas
wish to say:

     Peace in your heart, courage in your struggle, and victory on your banner.

Maryknoll Creche