“May we all find, no matter in what state we are, whether in joy or sorrow, ample reason for faith and hope.”

 ~ Mother Mary Joseph

“Let no smallest thing in your life be anything but an act of faith.”

~ Mother Mary Joseph


wrinkled face
     etched with pain and joy
worn furrows
     for laughter and for the tears to freely flow
          as the beads count each “Ave”
                  and the whispered words
                             rise as incense
flickering candles
     that blacken ancient walls
          of churches and chapels
                  of yesterday’s missionaries
                            dim with the shadows of that past
well worn hands count in rhythm
     and dance across the well worn beads
                  the blessings and the sorrows
faith filled—hope filled
     the prayers rise unceasing
          the well worn words
                  in many tongues
                            flow across the continents
their meaning—the same
     and I have the words
          I have touched their meaning
                  I have entered their depths
the beads click—the rythym the same
                  round mantra—bead blessing
                            contemplation of the poor

~Sister Carolyn Moritz, MM

To the Edge

Where does it hurt?
Find that spot
and go there.
Courage will meet you
at the edge of the abyss
where the Wound you thought
would obliterate you
reveals instead
a fathomless

~Sister Elizabeth Terbrock, MM


Maryknoll Sisters Hospital, Pusan, Korea

Maryknoll Sisters Hospital, Pusan, Korea


Sister Elizabeth Ann Altman with a child, Bolivia
Sr. Ruth Greble in Liria Village, Sudan, 1980