Cypress TreesEvery year Earth Day falls on April 22. It is a day for everyone to stop and look closely at the world around us, to soak in the beauty of nature and share with it a moment of peace, to see how it has been treated and to find new and revitalize old ways to help it continue to thrive and grow.

On this day we wish to share with you the words of Sr. Marie Pierre Semler who “serve[d] nature, mankind, and her Creator in very much the same way,” through her art.

Sr. Marie Pierre Semler


“Nature’s work is prayer[.] It continually rises above the earth and reaches upward. Nature’s chief work is promoting, preserving and healing life. It is ever striving to uplift the world by making it beautiful. By so doing, it serves its Creator. Nature serves man in ever aiding him to renew life within himself, to promote beauty in every living thing, to pray to his Creator as nature prays.”

~Sister Marie Pierre Semler   Maryknoll Magazine, November 1978

Take a look at four wood pieces by Sr. Marie Pierre Semler: