This month I’ve been looking through the Mother Mary Joseph Rogers Collection in preparation for some reprocessing work. The lives of Mother Mary Joseph and the Maryknoll Sisters gave rise to some intriguing trivia, some of which was compiled in quizzes given to the Sisters. For example, do you know when Bishop James A. Walsh blessed the first elevator at the Motherhouse? It was in 1934 – I for one didn’t know Bishop Walsh had even blessed the elevator, much less when he blessed it.

Facts like this can be found in two quizzes created by the Sisters. The first quiz, “A Mother Mary Joseph Quiz” covers Mother’s life and work, while the second, “Maryknoll Heritage Quiz”, covers the life and work of the Sisters. We don’t know when these quizzes were created or who completed them, but they offer a peek into the creative ways the Sisters kept the knowledge of their history alive for old, new, and future Sisters.

Do you think you could get a ‘superior’ score and prove your knowledge of the Maryknoll Sisters? Try these quizzes out for yourself! Click on the images to enlarge.

Blank copy of "A Mother Mary Joseph Quiz"
A filled in copy of the "Maryknoll Heritage Quiz"