The month of May is upon us. We have made it into the fifth month of the year, which is often times regarded as the month of Mary. It is a tradition that began in the 13th century. During this time while Spring is at the peak of its beauty, we find special ways to honor Mary and seek intercession with her. May crownings are a very popular way to celebrate this month of Mary by placing a crown of fresh blooming flowers on your statue of Mary. It is a celebration that I have seen each year here at Maryknoll.

In May of 1930, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, foundress of the Maryknoll sisters, gave a “Meditation On Our Lady,” while in Yen You, Korea. Let us meditate on this excerpt from her talk as we begin this month of May and look to Mary as we navigate through whatever it may bring us.

Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, 1932

“During the month of May, the month of Mary, our thoughts turn more and more frequently to our Blessed Lady.

No matter what our condition, what our needs, we can always turn to her. She is our help in sickness; she is the cause of our joy; she is our comforter in affliction[…]

To us as missioners she is a particular model. She was the Christ-bearer; so are we. Each and every Christian who receives Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament bears Christ within himself just as truly as Mary did; but as Mary gave Christ forth to the world, so it is our special privilege to make Christ known to those who have never seen His beauty of His glory[…]

Let us keep our Blessed Mother before our eyes constantly, asking ourselves how she would have acted, what she would have done were she in our place[…] Let us then particularly during this month of May imitate our Blessed Mother as perfectly as possible[.]”

Here also for your reflection during this month of Mary is a poem written by Sr. Joan Metzner called “Happy Mother.”

Happy Mother
There is a happy Mother,
              Happier than all I know,
Who looks upon her children with
              an unforgettable glow.

She loves them and protects them and she
              Guides them on their Way.
She watches over them at night
              And walks with them all day.

She wants them to be happy too
              she supplies their every lack.
She teaches them to serve in love
              And never to look back.

Happy Mother, thank you for
               Your playfulness and fun.
Thank you for teaching us to be
              Like Jesus Christ, your Son.