As our series of posts on the exhibit, “Moments of Mercy” comes to a close, we wish to share with you these three quotes from Maryknoll’s founders that explore the idea of mercy.


“We do not love a person simply because we say we love him, but… in what we do for that person… [F]or love… finds its expression in the spirit of sacrifice, and in
sacrifice of deed.”
~Bishop James A. Walsh

“It is a good thing to keep in mind the word ‘others.’ How do I affect others? What can I do for others? How can I alleviate the grief of others? Think always of others and you will not have time to think of yourself.”
~Mother Mary Joseph Rogers

“Dig deep the foundations of humility and build strongly of love and self sacrifice for the work is such that it will force from you every particle of moral strength within.”
~Fr. Thomas F. Price

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