Today, it’s time for class at Rogers College. Over its history, Rogers College held classes of all kinds to prepare students for mission. The College began as Maryknoll Teacher Training School in 1931 to prepare Maryknoll Sisters for careers as teachers in the foreign missions. But, until her mission assignment, a Sister didn’t know exactly what she would be teaching. So, Rogers College offered her classes in every possible subject, from elementary education and physics to history and modern philosophy. This way she would be prepared for anything. By 1963, after several changes to the College’s charter, additional degrees beyond teaching were added. In addition, other women religious could become students. With the additional degrees came new classes, going beyond subjects a Sister might teach abroad. In 1969, Rogers College became co-ed and expanded its courses again.

I’ve highlighted some of Rogers College’s most interesting-sounding classes. Together we can explore what a student could learn at the College, and imagine how their classes would prepare them for the world ahead. Click on the images to enlarge. Click on the image of “Fruits & Seeds” to read a first grade botany lesson designed by the Rogers College botany class in 1959.

Art Techniques, 1970

Art class, circa 1950

Seminar in Education, undated

Kindergarten Teaching Methods class, 1945

Photography class, 1957

Film Art, undated

Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories, undated

English Literature class, circa 1950

Studying hard, 1946

Click the image to see the first grade botany lesson designed by the 1959 Botany Class

Woman: Who She Is and What She May Become, 1971

Earth Science, 1970

Geology class field trip, circa 1950