Spiritual Bouquets

Today (October 1st) is World Card Making Day! A day that was inadvertently created by Paper Crafts magazine in 2006. In the hopes of helping people begin crafting their cards before the holiday season was upon them, they chose the first Saturday in October to celebrate this art form and to encourage their readers to start their card crafting! They weren’t expecting World Card Making Day to reach far beyond their readership but, once it went viral, people all over the world were celebrating their artistry and making cards all at once on the same day!

Cards have been around for centuries. Whether sending joy, making announcements, reserving dances, offering sympathy, or simply saying hello, the purpose of a card is meaningful, especially when created by hand. This is something that the Maryknoll Sisters really took to heart as they created spiritual bouquets. The detail, the artistry, the thought, and the love that went into making these spiritual bouquets is unique and special. Within the personal papers of the Maryknoll Sisters foundress, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers, there are thirteen folders and two entire scrapbooks filled with intricately designed spiritual bouquets that she received from Maryknoll Sisters.

In celebration of World Card Making Day, we wanted to share a few videos and images of the handmade spiritual bouquets that Maryknoll Sisters created themselves and sent to their Mother General, Mother Mary Joseph Rogers. (To view the videos as Fullscreen, click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the video to find the option.)

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of the spiritual bouquets from Mother Mary Joseph Rogers personal papers. May they inspire you to utilize your skills today or any day in the year to come to create a special card!