The Field Afar, April 1928

What was happening here at Maryknoll 90 years ago? Things of importance might be captured by a diary entry for the Seminary in 1918, but so many other things must have happened every day that are forever lost to time. However, thanks to the April 1928 issue of The Field Afar we can take a peak 90 years into the past. In the section, “Happenings at the Knoll of Late” we find this entry:

“St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists, has been invoked as special guardian of a group of Maryknoll students who devote some of their spare time to the acquisition of information which will be of benefit to them as future contributors to THE FIELD AFAR and other periodicals. During midyear vacation, the group visited a near-by printing establishment and delved into the mysteries of linotypes, platen presses, and other inky delights. They meet every week in an effort to develop their ‘nose for news’ and incidentally to supply the tired editor with Knoll items.”

Without this entry that local expedition to a printer would be lost forever. Finding little morsels of history is what drew me into the archives world and I hope you enjoyed reading about this little look back in time as much as I did.

Field Afar Article

A copy of the “Happenings at the Knoll of Late” article from April 1928.