Sometimes when processing collections, you come across some fascinating finds. It could be a photo of an unusual event, a quirky story, or an arresting piece of artwork. This month, we in the Archives came across several records we never could have expected. Click on the photos to enlarge.

The first was a story told by a Sister in Toufen, Taiwan, likely in the early 1960s. This Sister was beginning catechism classes with a local teen, but could only conduct class while the girl worked in her family’s store. ‘Not a problem!’ thought Sister, but little did she know what she was getting herself into!

Maryknoll Sister's story of catechism in a snake shop in Taiwan

The second unusual item was the script to a play written by the Sisters in Nicaragua. We were amazed at the creativity of the Sisters as they envisioned their “future”. While reading it, we could only imagine what the Sisters who wrote it had pictured as the final stage production!