This beautiful prayer, “Morning Light,” really struck me when I saw it.

It drew me in with the comfortingly familiar sights and sounds daybreak brings. It elicited joy in my heart with its offerings for how to live each day — “to laugh, to love, to show compassion, to work, to pray, and to give.” What wonderful ways to embody and share the possibilities every new day holds.

Perhaps it stood out so much to me because here in New York we’re in the midst of winter, a season of many cloudy mornings that obscure the light. This prayer is a helpful reminder that as each day dawns we can choose to “reflect God’s light” into the world around us no matter what the weather.

As a companion to this prayer, please enjoy a sunrise I captured on theĀ Maryknoll Sisters Center property, January 16th, 2023. Enjoy!

Morning Light

Dear God,
As first light streams
Through my window, and birds
Are singing to the dawn.
I rejoice that you have granted
Me another day of life.

Let me use your gift to laugh,
To love, to show compassion,
To work, to pray, to give.

Grant that I will reflect your
Light in all I do and say this day.

~ A Maryknoll Lay Associate
A Maryknoll Book of Prayer, p. 77