To say that it has recently been a bit cold would be a gross understatement. The month of February was extrememly frigid and let us just say that snow was not lacking. The cold temperatures continued into the month of March but here we are in the middle of March and we’ve had a few glimpses to help us remember what the taste of warmth feels like.  With Spring starting on Saturday, we know that we’ll not only begin to dance around in the increasing warmth of the sun but see the changes that sweet sunshine will bring as each day passes. The renewed blossoming of nature all around us cannot help but bring a smile to your face. It is such a beautiful sight to behold as shades of green begin to coat the ground and trees and brightly colored flowers sprout and bloom everywhere. This amazing reawakening of nature has inspired poetry for ages and we wanted to share the beauty of this season with you through the words of two Maryknollers. Take a moment to see the beauty in their words and may your Spring be breathtaking!

Effects of Springtime

As Magnolias bloom

My spirit livens

Enjoying the white and pink blossoms.

Below my west side window view

With added glimpses

Of the famous Hudson River

In the distance.

~ Sr. Cecilia Ruggiero, March 24, 2010


Blossoming tulips from beneath does the earth bring

heralding the glorious feast of Spring

sprouting with colors displaying majestic might

sumptuously bathing in radiant sunlight

Can the eye not look and see

the creator’s art of delicate mystery

for all is connected as the universe does unfold

rejoicing in God whose handiwork we behold

Amazement at new life triumphantly dawning

waking us from too much sleepful yawning

for the celebration continues everyday

inviting one and all to frivolous play

For very often time is spent in business doing

while nature leads us to romantic wooing

Before it is late, let us be entranced

for creation does desire our life to be enhanced

So does the tulip cast her coquettish spell

enticing me to live healthily well

 ~ Fr. Mike Bassano, May 29, 1997

Haiku: Springtime

Air warming breezes,
Heat waves teasing shy bud blooms.
Daffodils flaunting.

Longing tree branches
Laden with anxious bud-beads
Reaching for sunlight.

Blades of grass greening.
Earth’s carpet spreading world hope.
Peace filled hearts rejoice.

Eyes of the heart open.
Joyful refrains praise the Lord.
Peace, gratitude reign.

~ Sr. Cecilia Ruggiero, April 23, 2008