On view at the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers headquarters in Maryknoll, NY in the fall of 2014 was a Maryknoll Mission Archives exhibit titled “The Things They Carried.” The exhibit consisted  of a currated selection of items for personal use and mission work that Maryknoll Priests, Brothers and Sisters brought with them to their missions in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Among the artifacts on view were those used for

travel – featuring three passports belonging to Father John Considine,

administering the sacraments – including this sick kit for the anointing of the sick


entertainment – including a pinochle set owned by the Maryknoll Sisters Foundress Mother Mary Joseph Rogers

While these items have safely returned to Archives storage, this post allows the exhibit to continue and reach those who could not visit in person.

The Things They Carried

Pinochle Set – Mother Mary Joseph Rogers; Fr. Louis Bayless travelogue charting his transoceanic voyage from the US to Africa in 1946

Camera – owner unknown; Straight-Edge Razor – owner unknown; Soap Leaves – owner unknown

Leather Hat – James E. Walsh; White Cassock – owner unknown; Pipe – Fr. Robert Cairns; Shoes – Fr. Thomas F. Price; “List Of Things You Need At Once” – Fr. Louis Bayless

Sick Kit – owner unknown

Valise – Bishop James A. Walsh

Typewriter – Mother Mary Joseph Rogers

Mission Cross – Fr. Anthony Cotta

3 Passports – Fr. John Considine; 2 Vaccination Certificates – Sr. Helen Shalvey